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Good dissolving capability, high boiling point, good flow characteristics & glossiness; it replaces many toxic solvent due to its low toxicity; readily biodegradable; as binding agent in cigarette filter; as plasticizer in cellulose resin; used in food packaging materials, children’s soft toys material, clinical instruments, PVC, vinyl chloride copolymer, oil-repellent, pharmaceutical industry, fragrance & cosmetic; as solvent for printing ink etc.


Speciality Esters :

  Isopropyl Esters

Isopropyl Myristate – The polar emollient produced to stringent odor and color standards special for fragrance use and for excellent keeping qualities., Premier polar emollient for cosmetic and toiletries use.

Isopropyl Palmitate – The standard polar emollient for cosmetic and toiletries use, The standard polar emollient for cosmetic and toiletries use produced to pharma grade.

Isopropyl Laurate – Use in ink industries.

Isopropyl Oleate – Hydrolytically stable, medium oxidative stability; can be used in concrete waterproofing agent.

  Ethylhexyl Esters

Ethylhexyl Palmitate –
Can be used to replace mineral oil; for night cream, hand cream, cleansing lotion, baby cream & massage lotion.

Ethylhexyl Stearate –
Excellent color, low odor offers good lubricity & low volatility as component of specialized textile fiber dressings; can be used in carbon stencil manufacture and pigment carrier in printing inks; better clean burn and minimal stain for cold rolling than tallow.

Ethylhexyl Oleate –
Solvent for antibiotics and vitamins. After epoxidation as low temperature plasticizer for PVC; after sulphurisation as high pressure additive for lubricants.

  Butyl Esters

N-Butyl Stearate –
Flow promoter/plasticizer for injection molding grades of polystyrene; lubricant in processing of synthetic fibers; metal-working lubricant in rolling of aluminum.

  Methyl Esters

Methyl Laurate –
Lubricity additive in the production of aluminum metal working fluids; paint and ink additives. Lubrication for food contact.

  Glycerol Esters

Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride –
Can be used for animal feed and agricultural application. Inert carrier for flavor, oil soluble food colorants, fat soluble vitamins and fat soluble additives. Manufactured to the best bland taste for flavoring agents, to ensure excellent keeping qualities and compatibility with sensitive flavors. Superb colorless properties for transparency and enhancing natural color. Miscible in more polar solvents such as alcohols, even in the presence of water.Good spreading properties for bakeries coating, mould release and lubricating production. The color & odor makes it a good emollient for cosmetics & toiletries. Standard grade Medium Chain Triglyceride, produced to colorless, odorless and bland taste for food applications.

Glycerol Trioleate –
Lubricant component of synthetic fibre finishes. Replacement of a variety of natural oils. Synthetic oil for fat liquor production.

  Fractionated Methyl Esters

Use in production of fatty alcohols; heavy-cut ester is used as biodiesel or in lubricant & metalworking applications; mid-cut ester is used in solvents or as a derivative building block for personal care applications; light-cut ester is used in lubrication industry, as solvent and carrier oil in agricultural sector etc.